December 14th Update: Shipping Delays & Christmas Cutoff Date

Update 11/14:

The holidays are inching closer! An update on the shipping situation. The next 7 days are the busiest for the year for USPS.

USPS has started to experience delays with all services, plan for & expect actual real-world delivery times for First-Class, Priority & Express shipments to be delayed 1-3 days. 

How UPS is holding up remains unclear, but I wouldn’t assume they’ll fare all too much better.   


Hello everyone, I am back & ready to work on some iPods!

I thought I’d follow up on a couple points on interest mentioned in the previous blog post, so here we are.

First of all, this beautiful holiday season has been far busier than I had anticipated, as of right now I have more orders in the queue than ever before. 

I’d like to ask for your patience with shipping orders. I will be increasing handling times on all orders from 1-3 business days to 2-6 business days.

Obviously, this is temporary. I will post an update below this paragraph if anything changes in regards to handling times.

For the Christmas delivery cut off date information, it is as follows:

Domestic USPS shipments:

  First-Class Package: December 16th

  Priority Mail: December 18th

  Priority Mail Express: December 22nd

International UPS shipments:

   All services: December 16th

Again, I will update those dates as more relevant information becomes available. That’s the outlook for right now. 

Thank you for your continued support - it means the world to me,

- Austin Lucas

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