Solder-free Internal Bluetooth 5.0 Kit for Apple iPod Video 5th 5.5 & Classic 6th 7th (classicsarerelevant)
Solder-free Internal Bluetooth 5.0 Kit for Apple iPod Video 5th 5.5 & Classic 6th 7th (classicsarerelevant)
Solder-free Internal Bluetooth 5.0 Kit for Apple iPod Video 5th 5.5 & Classic 6th 7th (classicsarerelevant)
Solder-free Internal Bluetooth 5.0 Kit for Apple iPod Video 5th 5.5 & Classic 6th 7th (classicsarerelevant)
Solder-free Internal Bluetooth 5.0 Kit for Apple iPod Video 5th 5.5 & Classic 6th 7th (classicsarerelevant)
Solder-free Internal Bluetooth 5.0 Kit for Apple iPod Video 5th 5.5 & Classic 6th 7th (classicsarerelevant)
Solder-free Internal Bluetooth 5.0 Kit for Apple iPod Video 5th 5.5 & Classic 6th 7th (classicsarerelevant)

Solder-free Internal Bluetooth 5.0 Kit for Apple iPod Video 5th 5.5 & Classic 6th 7th (classicsarerelevant)

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.pdf of manual & installation instructions here.


If you still have questions and you've read the TL;DR then read the whole description, as many of your questions are likely answered there, and it's difficult for me to process and answer accurately the sheer quantity of questions that I get. If you still have questions after reading the description, then please visit the "contact us" page (a link is at the top of this page, or just scroll to the bottom).

This kit is a Bluetooth 5.0 module that you can purchase and install (or have installed for you) in your 5th, 6th or 7th gen iPod without soldering anything – the device is completely plug-and-play. The kit includes a custom rear casing optimised for RF transmission as well as a custom, 3D printed hold switch that includes the push button for the module.


  • Custom rear case optimised for Bluetooth (necessary for devices with weak antenna performance e.g. truly wireless earbuds)
  • Custom hold switch that functions as a button to control Bluetooth connectivity,as well as retaining the original sliding function
  • Custom headphone jack LED mounting, to indicate Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easy, solder-less install
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Stereo sound
  • Multi-stream support (necessary for truly wireless in-ear headphones) allows you to output to more than one device at the same time
  • Use your own battery with our kits! (supports use of batteries marketed as 3000mAh - see compatibility lists for all batteries you can use)
  • Headphone jack and hold switch assembly included
  • aptX (LL and HD) supported (high fidelity Bluetooth audio)
  • Instructions are included with every kit, as well as a video installation tutorial in case you get confused

Why did you cut a hole in the back?

If you see a Bluetooth mod that doesn’t have a hole in the back, I am 99% sure that the Bluetooth range is positively shit. This is because the iPod casing is completely metal, and unfortunately doubles as a fantastic Faraday cage before modification. 5thgen plastic casings have the same issue – the LCD screen and motherboard both block the RF signal. I actually stopped selling kits without the RF window until I had completed this batch because I just wasn’t happy with the quality standard I was providing.

The RF window allows the Bluetooth signal to exit the device without hindrance, which is essential for devices with weak antenna (like AirPods) because the range simply isn’t good enough to stay connected. This is especially relevant when putting the iPod in your pocket, as the signal now has to travel through your body to reach your headphones, and usually at this point you’ll hear a lot of cutting out – a bit like when you have a faulty 3.5mm audio cable.

What does that mean for me?

For you, it means you get the best Bluetooth performance with minimal hassle.

Installation only requires plugging in two connectors once you have the iPod open. It couldn’t be easier. No soldering whatsoever.

Bluetooth performance is far superior to current Bluetooth mods you usually see. This is because of the custom rear casing, which has a window (completely flush with the casing) that allows the signal to exit the casing. You won’t find this professional finish anywhere else (literally. I haven’t seen a single other seller).

AptX (all variants, including LL and HD) is supported fully, so all your music is played at the highest bitrate possible when it reaches your headphones/speaker.

Battery life is virtually unaffected. The module only uses 1/20th of the power that the original iPod Classic hard drive uses, so power usage is negligible. You can also now install your own battery as well, although the kit is designed to work with batteries marketed as 3000mAh (the battery in the picture is just for reference).

As for the aesthetics of the iPod, I worked hard to maintain the originality of the device through the use of several custom-made parts:

  • The custom rear case was CNC milled for maximum precision, and is included with every kit.
  • The button for Bluetooth control was embedded underneath the hold switch, so the aesthetic of the device still remains impeccable.
  • It’s the same story with the LED indicator – the headphone jack (which remains fully functional – you can still use wired headphones) lights up to indicate the status of Bluetooth connectivity.

This means nothing detracts from the original Apple engineering and styling that makes the iPod so nice to use.

Multi-stream allows you to use truly wireless earbuds, as well as stream to multiple headphones and speakers at the same time. Perfect for playing music from multiple speakers dotted around a room for a party, or sharing music to two sets of headphones on the bus with a friend.


  • 5th, 6th and 7th gen iPod classics
    • Thick rear housing only
      • Using your own without RF optimisation instead of the included custom rear housing will affect performance adversely
  • Flash storage must be small enough to fit. The compatibility on this section doesn’t relate to the technology of the flash storage – only the dimensions of the drives themselves. You could cut off some of the excess PCB with a scissors or wire cutters on variations that are said not to fit to make them fit, which is really very easy.
    • The thick iPod’s HDD will not fit.
    • The thin iPod’s HDD is untested.
    • iFlash Solos are fine
    • iFlash Quads work. Though it may require some trimming down of excess PCB with a scissors or wire cutters, which takes all of five seconds so don't worry about it being too complex.
    • All other iFlash products are untested
    • The smaller flash drives you’ll find on AliExpress that use soldered-on storage (they’re basically CF cards) are fine
    • SSD adapters are untested (and inferior so don’t use them unless you already own an SSD you want to use)
    • CF card adapters are untested.
  • Bluetooth compatibility/performance with your particular device is not guaranteed. This is because, frankly, some Bluetooth implementations are just shit. My kit won’t perform well with devices that are poorly engineered (and I don’t think my kit is the only incompatible device you’ll find if you happen to own a problem child receiver).
  • Batteries (all batteries work, but all of them may not fit):
    • 3000mAh (in reality 1950mAh) fits.
    • Others are untested dimension wise. Please let me know which batteries work if you buy a kit and use a different battery!

Shipping and Returns

I ship worldwide. It is your responsibility to make sure the package arrives at your doorstep (if you want insurance, then please choose a courier that insures packages. For example, UPS). Available to ship with are DHL, UPS and CTT (the former Portuguese national post, uninsured only but way cheaper within Europe). I am not responsible if the item is lost during transit and you chose not to insure the item, or for any customs fees you may face.

Returns are not accepted unless the device is physically unusable on arrival (e.g. a solder joint has come undone). I do not accept returns because of incompatibility with your particular Bluetooth device – my transmitter is much more likely to be compatible than not though.

Note about fraudulent battery capacity claims

Many iPods on eBay claim to have a 3000mAh battery inside them - this is simply not true. Usually, vendors market these 3000mAh falsely, as they are actually around 1950mAh, calculated by measuring the volume of the battery. My kit is compatible with the largest available battery on the market (~1950mAh)