Important Announcement: Away July 22nd - July 31st

Hello everyone!

I will be out of the country from July 22nd through the 31st, returning on the 1st of August. 

Any orders placed while I am away will be fulfilled on the 1st & 2nd (of August).

I will be unable to properly address / respond to emails, inquiries and/or questions sent while I am away. I have set up an out-of-office auto response for this reason. Please understand each message will be promptly attended to upon my return. 

I have pinned this message to the homepage, header, cart, checkout & contact us pages to ensure relevant information is impossible to miss. 

I'd encourage anyone with simple product-related questions to pop into our Elite Obsolete Electronics Discord server, where other qualified community members are able to answer simple questions. Invitation is hyperlinked here. 

Thank you for your continued support & I appreciate everyone's patience.

- Austin Lucas

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